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Our apps feature extensive built-in dictionaries and glossaries to help you learn and understand the material. If you run into a term that you don’t understand or that you otherwise feel it would helpful if we had a definition for inside the app but hasn’t been included, this is the place to let us know.

Our editorial team will carefully consider each request and issue updates when we can. Please remember, however, that researching and writing definitions is a process that takes time, and so we are not necessarily able to act upon all such requests instantly. Please also keep in mind that there are nearly an infinite number of possible compound terms, that is, terms that are made up of multiple words or phrases, and so while often-seen or common compound terms may indeed warrant inclusion in our glossaries, many other such terms are best understood both in context and/or by understanding their constituent pieces.

  • This is not the place for technical or customer support requests! We'll be happy to hear from you on such issues via our Online Helpdesk. Please use this form only to requests glossary terms / definitions. Your message here will go to our editorial team only, not our technical or customer support staff. You will not receive a timely response (and in fact might get none at all) if you submit such a message through this system instead of via our helpdesk.

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